Who is Your Finance Friend?

May 8, 2020

Your Finance Friend Limited is a natural progression in the career path of both Richard Frazer and Patrick O’Gorman. Richard having spent his whole career in Vehicle and Asset Finance companies from General Motors, to HSBC, to Hitachi, to National Fleet Services to Haydock Finance was really looking for a place he could engage more closely with the businesses who sought his help. Patrick had a long varied career as a analytical specialist, business coach and programmer.

Both were finding that the industries they were in seemed to be moving more distant from the customers and the customer base was feeling it. Combining the skills of both, Your Finance Friend was able to have the systems that could compete with the larger players in the market and the understanding and close focus of the customer needs to enable us to be a quality consultancy.

The key to Your Finance Friend is in the third word ‘Friend’. We want to be ALWAYS fair, transparent, honest and helpful to our suppliers, customers, and contacts along the path. We design all our contact points, services and behaviours around clarity of information, and good honest consulting to ensure everyone is better off for the exchange. All the above sounds like a soundbite you would get from any company; it is not. Actually putting the ‘Friend’ into practice in an industry where it has become very impersonal, distant and under resourced with people, we have had to work extremely hard in creating this business.

The results we hope you will find are impressive.

We pledge to always give you our best advise and support. . . and if we have a service that can benefit you, we will make sure you thoroughly understand the offering and where if fits.
We are determined that all our customers know when they need to buy a large item, we are there for them and will help them make the right decisions and be part of their success story.

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