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Motoring Tip No. 3

Tip #3:

After lockdown remember fluffy dice are embarrassing, HOWEVER fluffy steering wheels are cool

What is the least coolest thing in your car? and why?

Things we can do to make your car more interesting when you order:
  1. Add a Dash Cam
  2. Add a Spoiler
  3. Add logos, images, graphics or ‘go faster strips’
  4. Add a GPS Tracker
  5. Add a Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone
  6. Add a Car Mount Holder or fridge
  7. Add a stylish air freshener from JoliJoli (Green Breeze Ambient)
  8. Add a cool Bottle Jack to your tool box
  9. Add a Key Finder
  10. Add Your Finance Friend colour fluffy seat covers or fluffy steering wheel cover

We will never add fluffy dice!