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Motoring Tip No. 1

Tip #1:

After lock-down check for animals that may be using your car for shelter. They are not always easy to spot.

They are not always easy to spot.

With the return of nature to your roads have you spotted anything interesting walking about?

Why is it Important to Check for Sleeping Cats?

Of course most people would not want to intentionally injure or kill an animal, which is very possible if a cat or other animal is sleeping on your engine or in the wheel well. Moreover, an animal sleeping on the engine or under the hood of the vehicle can cause damage to the car as well. It is not just a matter of taking an unwitting cat or animal for a joyride, but damage can occur simply by starting the car's engine.

Be sure to knock on the hood, kick the wheel well, or honk the horn (if not going to affect the neighbours at 5am) prior to turning the key in the ignition and allow a short period of time to let the animal escape from its toasty hiding place.

A few simple steps will help to prevent any unwanted damage to your vehicle, but most importantly it can help to keep animals safe that might simply be hiding out or taking a cat nap somewhere in your vehicle.