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No Deposit Car Leasing - The How and the Why

A no deposit lease helps avoid that large initial payment. Really, it is no different to any other car lease other than that the monthly payments will be a little higher.

No deposit car leasing - How can I apply?

To be in with the best chance of getting a no deposit car or van lease, you need to have a good credit rating. Same thing goes for a business or fleet operation. Most leasing companies will want to see a good credit rating to do a no deposit car lease.

Three, six or nine-month deposits have been the norm, but a no-deposit leasing option is now available. You just need to talk to us. If you have a good credit rating, talk to us about an agreement based on a no-deposit profile.

Regardless of your leasing deal, but especially in the case of nothing down leasing, you really should look at maintenance agreements. Yes, it will increase your monthly costs but funders have the buying clout to make significant savings on those maintenance bills and therefore can pass these on to you. Paying it as part of your monthly payment helps predictability and financial planning along with your level, zero deposit, leasing payments.

What is the difference?

Not everyone calls them no deposit deals, some lenders say 1 month upfront followed by x payments. Essentially this is the same thing.

Zero deposit car leasing, 0 down van leasing, no deposit vehicle leasing and leasing without raised initial payments mean the same thing. Some leasing companies use different terms, but essentially, you don’t have to pay a large initial amount at the start of your leasing agreement.

Can you lease a car with bad credit?

No initial large sum means that leasing companies want to feel a little more secure, so a good credit rating is nearly always a requirement. The best thing to do in that situation is to talk to us as their may be an alternative arrangement that can help you with your plans.

Is business vehicle leasing available with no deposit?

Yes it is, and it is a very good way to make financial planning more predictable. You will definitely need a good business credit rating and will likely need to produce 2 years accounts. New businesses or others with different circumstances should talk to us as there may be alternative arrangements that could help to achieve your goal.

No deposit car lease contract examples (Demonstration purposes only)

Ford Mustang Fastback Special Edition 5.0 V8 449 55 Edition 2dr Auto 20 - Premium Paint - Shadow Black and Leather.

Contract Hire over 48 Months

No Deposit and FULL maintenance cover

48 payments at £660.64 per month (excl VAT)


Initial rental of £3,589.92 and FULL maintenance cover

Followed by 47 payments at £598.32 per month (excl VAT)

18.3 pence per mile excess mileage

CO2: 268

MPG: 25.2

The lower initial rental payment means you don’t have to save up more money before you start a new leasing agreement. You may have to pay a little more over the length of the lease, but your monthly payment stays the same throughout.

At the end of the deal you just hand the car back as is the case with all leasing deals.

Should I choose a no deposit car leasing deal?

It very much depends on your circumstances. One thing is for certain. No deposit leasing is a welcome addition to the available options when deciding how to plan your finances. No deposit leasing either personally or for a business is not always the option to choose and you should be aware that the monthly payments will be greater than if an initial payment is made.

How to apply

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