Arboriculture & Forestry

The arboriculture industry contributes more than £750 million to the UK’s GDP and employs almost 600,000 people, which makes it a major industry that is often overlooked.

We want to help you grow your business in this diverse and physical market place by giving you access to the equipment that makes your job easier without taking you focus off the job in hand.

The machinery you need for forestry and arboriculture is not cheap but access to it takes you to a level that allows you to compete effectively.

If you need countryside management or forest management we are the service that can help.

Also speak to us about woodland ecology and conservation.

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Typical arboriculture and forestry assets that we finance include:

Trailed Wood Chippers, Tracked Wood Chippers Log Splitters Timber Forwarders and Cutters Trailers

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