Line up Funding for Customers to Purchase your Products & Services

By customer financing, we mean any sort of buy-now-pay-later arrangement. Often considered a form of Vendor finance.

Typically, the customer will have to pay a portion of the total cost before the goods/services are released. This sort of financing is usually a business-to-customer (B2C) arrangement instead of a business-to-business (B2B) arrangement. HOWEVER we specialise in the business-to-business arrangement. Our specialism is entirely about making the sale between businesses smooth, seamless and super quick.

As Simple as...

  1. Apply Online for Customer Purchase Finance.
  2. We contact and get an understanding of your business and products.
  3. We help you get approval with the right funders.
  4. You sign all the documents.
  5. We are ready for your customers one-by-one as the come.

We will make your business easy to use and effective in the transaction and allow your customers to make decision faster and with more confidence so they are rarer to walk away without purchase.

We deal with each customer carefully, respectfully and expertly - product purchase by product purchase. They are ALWAYS your customer.

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