Mercedes eVito Van

eVito Van L2 Pure 85kw 2019

Initial Payment - £357.50

Contract Term - 12

Per Annum - 10000

Excess - ppm

Business Leasing
Excl. VAT


Per Month

Maintenance package available
Add 35.5/mth Excl. VAT

Personal Leasing Incl. VAT £0.00 Per Month. Initial Payment - £429.00

In association with

In association with Planet Leasing


  • Solid Paint
  • Fabric Interior
  • Plylining


  • CO2: TBC
  • MPG: TBC
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine: Electric


Operating Lease

Efficient electric drive, combined with proven vehicle strengths. Vehicle range up to 150 km1 (WLTP). The eVito panel van is as advanced as modern mobility demands. And it is just as functional, safe and comfortable as you would expect from a Mercedes-Benz Vito. Its highly efficient electric motor with 85 kW (116 hp) and torque of 300 Nm as well as the other electrical components make use of the synergies of the group modular construction kit.

The eVito panel van has a range of approx. 150 km calculated according to the WLTP procedure. The installed battery capacity is 41 kWh and can be used at a charging power of 7.2 kW in about 6 hours fully charged from 0 to 100%. The vehicle is fitted with a standard speed limit of 80 km/h which can be uprated upon request. The eVito is available in long wheelbase only. With its cargo volume of 6.0 m3 you have no restrictions due to the electric drive. The payload is up to 1,015 kg.

The eVito panel van is recommended if your vehicle is mainly on the road in city traffic or running scheduled, recurring routes. The eVito panel van is suitable for all sectors and applications, once the range and charging requirements are taken into account.