Let us take the strain - Owned Fleets Outsource Service

April 20, 2020

Take your fleet from standard to exceptional

If you need to own your vehicles, you still don't need all the hassle and risk of running the fleet on your desk. Let us take up the strain.

Save your time and money being wasted in known and unknown process inefficiencies. Reduce the risk in your business associated to your fleet and wheeled assets. Make your workforce happier and more in control Bring in outsourced professionals, and focus on your core services. Bring in the best practices, documentation and advice from the best fleets around the UK without all the stress. Let us take on the hard work for you.

We can help with Fuel Cards, tracking services, web cam services, fleet management systems, risk management, driver training, DVLA License Checks, accident management, relief vehicles, short term hire, bespoke 3rd party vehicle fit-outs, additional equipment and vehicle sourcing and disposal.

We can help you make better vehicle purchase decisions, bring down the price you buy vehicles, help your fleet run them better in life and improve your resale prices at the end of fleet life.

Why would you not allow us to help you.

Thank you for listening It’s Richard Frazer – Your Finance Friend

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