Looking after the clients needs are equally as important as looking after the purchase or sale of a prized possession such as a Luxury Performance Vehicle or 'supercar'.

We will expertly take you through all the stages and help you make great decision enjoying the journey and getting an efficient result. We are vehicle experts and have a keen interest in getting it right. So let us help you and make your buying or selling experience exceptional.


We search across the financial industry to bring you the best partners, lenders, and offerings of collectable car finance products suitable for your budget and chosen special car.

We offer the following finance products:

  • Hire purchase - pay for your classic car in affordable monthly instalments with the ability to outright purchase at the end of the fixed term.

  • Car collector loan - car collector loans are different from standard auto loans, as the cars are worth significantly more, and therefore interest rates tend to be lower with more generous terms to keep monthly payments affordable.

We also provide financial packages for classic cars, sports cars, standard cars, and other vehicles.

Simply choose your car and we'll find you the right lender. We have a deep understanding of the finance market and a passion for beautiful vehicles and will invest deeply into making every step along the way perfect.

Our expert advisors will work with you every step of the way to purchase your collectable car and provide advice and guidance on the right finance options for your situation. We are here to make your experience exceptional and memorable when:

  • [Selling your high performance supercar]
  • [Seeking a new high performance supercar]
  • [Seeking a classic]
  • [YFF Supercars]

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